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House System
Bogdan Krusinski

The introduced house system is based on the technique of projecting the great circle which goes through Zenith and Ascendent.

The arc between Zenith and Ascendent is divided into equal 30-degrees sectors, which are then projected onto ecliptic to get cusps of 11th and 12th house. The identical division takes place between Nadir and Ascendent and after projecting it gives adequately cusps of the 2nd and the 3rd house.

The obtained points are projected onto ecliptic in identical way as zenith, as meridian passing through the division point on the great circle which while passing ecliptic gives us the house cusp.

The principles of this thesis are founded on following two assumptions:

1. The great circle is divided on the cardinal points, which means that Ascendent and Medium Coeli, or the adequate point to MC, must be placed always in 90° angular distance.

I used Zenith instead of MC not without a reason, because it is a cardinal point whilst MC is only its projection onto a main reference great circle that is ecliptic (which may be called a natural domification of Earth). Apart from exceptional cases the distance between Asc i MC usually does not equal 90°, even though these are the two points which determine cardinal points of house system. Proposed solution resolves this quandary.

2. The method of projection is an obvious conclusion based on the meridian circle placement. It is because the method of calculating MC is the only certain way of projecting and it has never been questioned. At the same time the circles of meridians are perpendicular to the equator, which is dividing energetic aura in half; the earth system of reference.
See also longer description in English. 

   Considering ways of finding positions of planets in houses it is assumed, that only real positions of planets in space interest us, not their projections on ecliptic. This means, that exact positions of planets are found relatively to meridians, in equator's plane or on house circle.

On the other hand, considering that all planets (except Pluto) are relatively close to ecliptic, ecliptic planet positions relative to cusps on ecliptic give errors that are usually small (maximum 1°).

Otherwise for Pluto - it's equatorial position and cusps in equator's plane must be determined. The error on ecliptic may reach even 10° of angular distance between Pluto and Sun, compared to equatorial arc or arc on house position (as planet is 'projected' through meridian onto house plane).

Persons having questions and notices to proposed here domification system are welcome to contact the author, Bogdan Krusinski.

Published here are also excerption from houses' tables for area of Poland for ecliptic plane and a simple program for generation of tables in text format for all geographical latitudes (much smaller in size) for DOS (30 kB) operating system or for Windows (60 kB) .

Bogdan Krusinski
Tables were calculated for average inclination of ecliptic on year 1950: 23° 26' 45'' .
System of houses published in Poland in 1995.