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Astrology research  
  Useful Astrology by Mike Grabarek
  Chiron and friends by Zane Stein
  New Planet Proserpina - European Point of View
  Astrology and other interests' site of Ingmar de Boer
  The Role of the Least-aspected Planet In Astrocartography by Robert Couteau
Organisations, businesses, directories, astrologers  
  www.astro.com - The international website for Astrology. Get your Personal Daily Horoscope and a wide selection of free horoscopes!
  National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR)
  International Society for Astrological Research (ISAR)
  American Federation of Astrologers (AFA)
  Association For Astrological Networking (AFAN)
  Astrology & Horoscopes by AdZe MiXXe - Free Daily Horoscope, Astrology Readings.
  Find Astrologers World-Wide. Astrologers are listed by location, name and specialties
  The Zodiacal Zephyr: Astrological Resources
  Astrology Articles Database - Sharing knowledge for better astrology! - online effort coordinated and maintained by Astrologer Dan Ciubotaru from Romania
  Beatrice Boucher Astrology
  Ivan Wilhelm Astrological pages
  Astrologix - astrological information exchange by TJK.
Astrology blogs  
  "ElsaElsa astrology blog" by Elsa Panizzon
  Astrology blog AstroXa by Anna-Cristal
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  The Mountain Astrologer
  Welcome to Planet Earth
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  Online astrology bookstore at WessexAstrologer.com

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