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Urania astrology chart samples


Natal astrology chart

600x800 pixels (from version 1.91)



Astrology comparison chart

900x1238 pixeli (Urania 1.89)




Urania: natal chart (old template, big size)


Urania: natal chart (old template, big size), planets and many TNO objects




Print Screen and image edition in Paint Samples


Copy chart window content to clipboard (Alt+PrtScr), and then in graphics editor of choice (Paint, Photoshop, etc.) cut wheel and save as new .gif or .png file.


Urania: natal chart - small wheel, ecliptic only



Urania: natal chart, wheel and data




Urania: natal chart, wheel and data



Urania: natal chart, wheel and data, many TNO objects (font by Zane Stein)



Urania: natal chart, big wheel and data, Anchel form



Astrology aspects







Urania: astrocartography - planet on axis vs. planet on horizon



Urania: astrocartography of part of fortune


Urania: transit list - venus return


Urania: Database View


Urania: dialog TPD - Tranzyt/Progresja/Dyrekcja




Printouts and screens can be published freely on the internet, blogs, discussions groups, ezines, etc. with no limits.
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Astrology chart created with Urania

Astrology charts created with Urania

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