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Date:Apr 2, 1998

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>Wed, 25 Mar 1998 23:30:32 -0500
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>My point was that from the philosophical point of view, only the equal
>houses maintains
>the basic structre of the 3 qualities, by having 90 degrees between =

Usually (read: in common practise) houses are based on Asc and MC, =
points on ecliptic. But MC is derived from the zenit which isn't placed =
on ecliptic. So the houses primarily are not so connected with ecliptic =
as it looks likes when we are using only eclpitic projections of house =
cusps. In any space system 1st house cusp is always 90 degrees from 10th =
house cusp. They are distorted only when we try to compress the complete =
sphere in only one, ecliptic plane. So many house systems maintains that =
basic structure of 3 qulities (except of course Placidus and Koch).

There's only question which plane should be chosen and how (if needed) =
projected onto other planes (ecliptic, for instance). One thing is for =
sure - from practical experience most people use either Placidus or Koch =
(which theoretically shouldn't work). So we must take, that these two =
are more often than any other system near reality (for me still too much =
often out of reality - real hit rate of max. 60-70% is not good - it is =
like if we look at signs we would have had at least 3 planets in wrong =

Campanus broke it badly, because MC is only sometimes the 10th house =
cusp (sometimes in polar zones it is the 4th house cusp in this system). =
Also, when looked from that basic point of view, 1st house cusp is the =
east point of horizon, which is up to many degrees (up to 90 degrees on =
the pole) away from Asc. If we take that the half of the plane is "the =
beginning of 1st house", we can get any plane crossing through zenit and =
horizon. But in that case finally we get width of house cusp 180 =
degrees. This is what exactly means not taking as first house cusp Asc =
point in space.

The same story with Asc is in Regiomontanus house system.=20

But what it would like if we took the plane crossing exactly through Asc =
and zenit points? It is what I've done 3 years before, getting new house =
system. In such a house system the only poosible way of projecting were =
the meridians (since MC must be still the 10th house cusp).=20

Practically, in shorter quadrants you get cusps very similar to Placidus =
(when you exclude situations where the longest houses in ecliptic =
projection are near Asc - Desc axis - which is rather an error of =
Placidus - projected from higher latitudes towards either equator or =
ecliptic, no matter how, shortest houses are always near Asc - Desc =
line), and in longer quadrants cusps (especially 12th, 11th little less) =
similar to Koch.

Description about these (in Polish so far, I still haven't time to =
translate it; and still working on materials to work out the problem of =
houses, since it is not so easy only to talk of pure houses; =
progressions is what differs basically houses from signs)=20


and program utility (in English) to generate house tables


Those of you with experimental nature, tell me what you think about.

Good Luck

Bogdan Krusinski

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